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PoBoy Cajun and Creole

PoBoy Cajun and Creole

Poboy’s is all about casual, friendly, family style food. We’ve deliberately selected Creole and Cajun food as we believe that it is a perfect match for our values. The food created at Poboy’s is truly comfort food – warming and filling. Each meal is of a consistently high quality and with the same smiling faces to serve you on each visit.

Legend has it that the term Po’Boy was created in a New Orleans restaurant owned by Benny and Clovis Martin in 1929. At this time the streetcar drivers and conductors were on strike and had little money to purchase food. As former streetcar drivers, Benny and Clovis decided to provide the striking workers with a sustainable sandwich. Their staff called the strikers, Poor Boys – in local dialect this was then shortened to Po’Boys.

The Po’Boy is traditionally made on a soft Baguette style roll. “Dressed” Po’Boy’s will have pickles, mustard and mayonnaise in addition to lettuce and tomato. Traditional toppings include beef and gravy, shrimp, oysters, fried chicken and French fries.

The casual eatery is the work of two local chefs and brothers, Josh and Brock Clapin, and their aunty Michele Clapin, who are all completely infatuated with New Orleans’ culture and history.

Brock and Josh inherited a love of Jazz, Blues and Soul music from their Father and Grandfather. One afternoon they were sitting and dreaming of what their restaurant would look like. Blues was playing in the background, the mood was relaxed and mellow. After extensive amounts of research, they quickly became hooked on the history of New Orleans and loved the stories behind the famous Creole and Cajun meals, especially when understanding the infusion of European, African, Caribbean and Native American foods.

The PoBoy story particularly resonated as it matched with their idea of running a restaurant that would give back to its community. Once they experienced the smoky, spicy flavours of Gumbo and Jambalaya, there was no turning back.


12/110 Marine Pde
Coolangatta, Gold Coast, 4255

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October 14th, 2016

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